Furnibox Mobile Warehouse Storage

From the time the goods are received until they leave the warehouse the FurniBox helps protect, move and store your furniture and fragile goods. In this way even the most sensitive items can be moved, stored and stacked in the warehouse safely and quickly and delivered in complete consignments - without any risk of damage.

Why is the most valuable part of your storage area above your goods? Very simply: the FurniBox gives you the opportunity to double or even triple your storage capacity, without having to rent a single additional square metre. This is easy and inexpensive.

Simply stack the FurniBox with a conventional forklift two or three high and in this way make optimal use of the height of your warehouse. The best thing about this system is that you can do without the aisles for seasonal and mass-produced articles by using the FurniBox and store even more goods in the same area.

Storing furniture in an orderly and organised fashion and still being able to access it quickly is no longer a pipe dream. The FurniBox creates space and organisation in low-level warehouses and also ensures that things which belong together stay together. The FurniBox can be quickly and easily moved using any standard towing vehicle.

The fact that the FurniBox is available in three different sizes makes it the big favourite for every low-level warehouse.

With the FurniBox you have direct and quick access to your goods, no matter how high they are in your high rack storage. One unique feature is that even pieces of furniture that stick out over the top edge can be kept in a FurniBox so that bulky items can be protected and available at any time.

The fact that you can combine FurniBoxes of different sizes in your storage warehouse makes them perfect all-round protection for all types of furniture.

You can effortlessly transport loads of up to 800kg with the Universal FurniBox, even on uneven surfaces. The stable frame structure of the Universal FurniBox and the high quality of its wheels make this possible.

Does it also bother you when transport containers just get in the way and block valuable space in the warehouse or truck until their next use? Then you should take a closer look at the FurniBox. The FurniBox can be folded up in no time and therefore takes up minimal space when empty.

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